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InstallScript MSI installations use two different installer engines:

In addition, InstallShield offers two different styles for the UI of InstallScript MSI installations:

For detailed information about these two styles, see Using the InstallScript Engine as an External vs. Embedded UI Handler for InstallScript MSI Installations.



Because this project type uses two different engines, it is more complex than pure InstallScript or Basic MSI installation projects. It is recommended only for advanced users.

Traditional-style InstallScript MSI installations are less desirable to systems administrators than Basic MSI installations or new-style InstallScript MSI installations. That is because traditional-style InstallScript MSI installations require the use of Setup.exe, rather than being self-contained in an .msi package, and they may not be fully customizable prior to deployment. If your software will be customized by corporate systems administrators prior to deployment, create a Basic MSI project. As an alternative, you could consider using the new-style InstallScript MSI installations, but your must ensure that any system changes that need to be made are done with custom actions in the Installation Execute sequence. To ensure that sufficient privileges are available, custom actions should have an in-script execution setting of deferred in system context.

Additional Features for InstallScript MSI Projects

InstallScript MSI projects provide a few additional features that are not available in Basic MSI projects:

Additional InstallScript MSI Project Features 



Setup Types view

This view enables you to easily create different predefined installation configurations for your application, such as Typical or Compact. This view also enables you to select the defaults for the Custom setup type.

Billboard Support

Run-time billboard support is available for InstallScript MSI installations, but not Basic MSI installations. Billboards enable you to show bitmaps while files are being transferred to an end user’s machine. You can use these bitmaps to entertain or educate end users.

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